Audio-Visual Instructions

There is only one method for showing your presentation in IEDEC and that is using PC and video projection. The recommended process is using video projection, employing either MS PowerPoint or Adobe PDF. Both these formats are acceptable only for PC. IEDEC does not support using 35mm slide projection. Please bring a a CD or USB memory stick your containing your presentation in either MS PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat PDF. Bring duplicate copies just in case. You will be able to make last minute changes if required, using computers available in the conference. Some of the guidelines for slide formats is as follows:

  • Use Large, Bold fonts as much as possible.
  • Use fonts that display well at low resolution. Sans-serif fonts such as Arial and Helvetica work better than ones with detailed features (serifs) such as Times.
  • Avoid using busy foils, try one idea per slide and use less text and more pictures
  • Avoid using the bottom of slides since the rooms are flat
  • Use simple and contrasting colors. Avoid using red over blue or vise versa
  • Pay attention to contrast, employ light-on-dark, or dark-on-light in all text and diagrams
  • Take advantage of the animation features of PowerPoint to make your presentation more dynamic and interesting. Highlight key points through animation, rather than the laser pointer.

To ensure compliance to these guidelines, you can email a copy of your presentation, for review to your session chair before Feb. 25.

While attending the conference, use empty conference rooms to check your slides. Conference rooms are available during break times and in the early evenings.

Please contact your session chairs prior to Feb. 25 and make sure he/she has your bio available. If you have any special A/V requirement, please send email to