IEDEC 2014 Program, Rev. 2

Monday March 3, 2014
   Session A - Technical Paper Presentations
Chair: Kip Brown, Consultant
Co-Chair: Miroslav Velev, Aries Design Automation
1:00    Session A - A.1    Two Consecutive Project-Based Learning Engineering Design Courses – An Analysis of Portfolio Assessment Results
Martin Jaeger1 and Desmond Adair2
1Australian College of Kuwait, 2Nazarbayev University
1:15    Session A - A.2    An Integrated Centrifugal Pump Rotor Design Course
Desmond Adair1 and Martin Jaeger2
1Nazarbayev University, 2University of Tasmania
1:30    Session A - A.3    Bringing In-Class Online – A Hybrid Solution
Quoc-Viet Dang and Daniel Gajski
University of California Irvine
1:45    Session A - A.4    Use of Online Assessments to Monitor Learning Outcomes in Higher Level Engineering Courses
Elliot Law and Sze Dai Pang
National University of Singapore
2:00    Session A - A.5    A Novel Knowledge Module to Integrate Threshold Logic and Post-CMOS Technology into Undergraduate Logic Design Classroom
Jayita Das1 and Sanjukta Bhanja2
1Doctoral Candidate, 2Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, Univ. South Florida
2:15    Session A - A.6    Interdisciplinary engineering education - practice based case
Ville Taajamaa1, Tomi Westerlund1, Guo Xing2, Maija Hupli1, Sanna Salanterä1, Tapio Salakoski1
1University of Turku, 2Fudan University
2:30    Session A - A.7    Design and Development of a Networked Health Monitoring and Control System
Rajesh Ranjan1, Basava Kumar Mukkundi2, Bishakh Bhattacharya2, Om Prakash Bhatt3
1Student, Indian Institute of Technology kanpur, 2Indian Institute of Technology kanpur, 3Amba Hospital Kanpur
   Session B - Technical Paper Presentations
Chair: David Craven, Lam Resaerch
Co-Chair: Ali Iranmanesh, Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute
3:30    Session B - B.1    The Role of Finite Element Method Software in the Teaching of Electromagnetics
Marc Boule
Ecole de technologie superieure
3:45    Session B - B.2    Innovation and Creativity in Engineering Design: The role of student engagement, team spirit and industry support
Farid Benyahia and Majeda Khraisheh
Department of Chemical Engineering
4:00    Session B - B.3    Introducing Field Programmable Gate Arrays with Deeds Projects
Giuliano Donzellini1 and Domenico Ponta2
1University of Genoa, Italy, 2University of Genoa
4:15    Session B - B.4    IC Design Course Based on the Synopsys DesignWare ARC 600 Processor Core and 32/28nm Educational Design Kit
Rich Goldman1, Karen Bartleson1, Troy Wood1, Allen Watson1, Vazgen Melikyan2, Eduard Babayan2, Tigran Hakhverdyan2
1Synopsys, 2Synopsys Armenia
4:30    Session B - B.5    Low flow data logger in membrane distillation: An interdisciplinary laboratory in process control
Katherine Zodrow, Valerie Coulter, Evyatar Shaulsky, Menachem Elimelech
Yale University
4:45    Session B - B.6    A Multidisciplinary Design Project for an Introduction to Engineering Course
David Claveau
California State University, Channel Islands
5:00    Session B - B.7    A Competition-Based Approach for Undergraduate Mechatronics Education Using the Arduino Platform
Radhika Grover, Shoba Krishnan, Terry Shoup, Maryam Khanbaghi
Santa Clara University
5:15    Session B - B.8    A Web-Based Education Platform for Nanoscale Device Modeling and Circuit Simulation
Hao Zhuang1, Jin He1, Hao Wang1, Xiangyu Zhang1, Xiaoan Zhu2, Qingxin He2, Mansun Chan3
1Peking University, 2Shenzhen Huayue Terascale Chip Electronics, 3The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology