A Web-Based Education Platform for Nanoscale Device Modeling and Circuit Simulation

Hao Zhuang1, Jin He1, Hao Wang1, Xiangyu Zhang1, Xiaoan Zhu2, Qingxin He2, Mansun Chan3
1Peking University, 2Shenzhen Huayue Terascale Chip Electronics, 3The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


This paper describes a web-based platform for nanoscale non-classical device modeling and circuit simulation, especially for non-classical CMOS device compact modeling and circuit performance prediction. This platform is based on program libraries, including model code files. We use SPICE as circuit simulation framework, and the Verilog-A as model design language. Based on the user input deck content, running embedding device and circuit programs, the platform produces several types of device characteristics output such as data texts and graphs on the web page for analysis, according to the simulation results and users’ requests. Some nanoscale device modeling examples and the circuit simulation cases are demonstrated by the means of the platform configures and function application. It is shown that not only does this kind of platform address problems arising from the dependence on computer operating system of modeling and simulation software, the complexity of software and program update, but also helps researchers focus on their research on device physics and circuit design, display their research results and share latest research achievements or new technology online, which will accelerate the development of device modeling and circuit design technology in turn.