Design and Development of a Networked Health Monitoring and Control System

Rajesh Ranjan1, Basava Kumar Mukkundi2, Bishakh Bhattacharya2, Om Prakash Bhatt3
1Student, Indian Institute of Technology kanpur, 2Indian Institute of Technology kanpur, 3Amba Hospital Kanpur


The interface of enabling technology with advanced product design has shown radical development in the field of intelligent sensor‐embedded system design. Numerous applications are envisaged exploiting this interconnectivity, particularly, in the field of biomedical applications. A need, for example, that is of growing demand, is in the field of remote health monitoring and control of critically ill patients, with the help of networked sensors. The continuous monitoring of the health of a patient in a hospital, information fusion from multiple sensor‐data as well as broadcasting the recorded data on a network for the ease of access to the clinician and implementing the decisions of clinicians through automated drug delivery units could save millions of precious lives in a country with limited medical experts. In what follows is a brief detailed description of such a system that is proposed to develop.