A Novel Knowledge Module to Integrate Threshold Logic and Post-CMOS Technology into Undergraduate Logic Design Classroom

Jayita Das1 and Sanjukta Bhanja2
1Doctoral Candidate, 2Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, Univ. South Florida


This work is an effort to introduce advanced logic, their applications and some of their post-CMOS technological implementations in “core” conventional logic design classroom. In this short one-lecture knowledge module, we aimed at threshold logic and its most popular application, the neural computing. Majority, a special type of threshold function was also discussed and one of its post-CMOS implementation was shown. A post-CMOS memory called Spin Transfer Torque- Magnetoresistive RAM (STT-MRAM) was also introduced. The purpose of the module was to encourage research among students and to motivate them towards electives in advanced logic and post-CMOS nanotechnologies. Students’ feedback were collected through a pre and a post-module survey. The feedback suggest that all the participants were satisfied with the module and the module was successful in fulfilling its objectives.