Fun based Education for Ages from 3 to 100: Lighting the Candle of Learning Passion (Invited Paper)

KRS Murthy
Smart Kids R US


This presentation expounds the advantages, substantiating the perfect fit of video games for adapting and re-purposing them for education vertical. The author argues that the most important advantage of a gaming platform to use in education and e-learning vertical is that the video games are inherently engaging, highly interactive, a personal experience, very relaxing and fun to the players, which places the player’s minds in an excited mental state, making it the best op-portunity to strategically embed education contents. In such a unique frame of mind, the player is playing the game to win, yet enjoying the challenge. That frame of mind is also the best suited to learn, not just passively as in reading a book, but actively learn. The frame of mind is also the best to remember the educational contents presented to the player.