Development of Creativity in Engineering Education Using TRIZ

Anatoly Lepeshev,  Sergey Podlesnyi,  Tatyana Pogrebnaya,  Anatoly Kozlov,  Olesya Sidorkina
Siberian Federal University


In recent years the Theory of Inventive Problems Solving (TRIZ) is more and more applied to creativity formation in engineering education, in connection with its efficiency. However for high-quality studying of TRIZ it is required much more class periods, than for studying of previous less effective methods. This problem is solved by system of innovative education TRIZ-pedagogics integrating studying of TRIZ and other disciplines. The author's method of the knowledge invention, in which any systems studied in different disciplines are “re-inventing” by means of TRIZ principles and standards as result of overcoming of contradictions in systems predecessors is described.