The Function of Text Description in Sketch Promotion

Ling Yun Sun,  Wei Xiang,  Chang Lu Wang,  Shuai Shao
Modern Industrial Design Institute, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China


Sketch is a hot topic in creativity and acts as an important role in schools’ training. This paper presented an exploration on the elements of sketch to develop students’ sketch quality. Particularly, as a representative of analytical thinking, the effect of text as description form was studied. This article mainly concerned the creative solutions in sketches. We named them creative points, the behaviors around creative points were coded and combined as patterns, and behavioral properties of creative points were also recorded. Take the quality difference and whether participants employed text as description form as two critical factors, the relationship of text and sketch quality was chiefly explored by comparing the behaviors patterns and behavioral properties of different groups. Analysis showed that text description had a solid relationship with sketch quality. The behavioral patterns of high quality groups mainly showed the influence of sketch skills, patterns related to text description were the same between high quality group and low quality group; but high quality sketches had more text description before the creative points. They also expressed more creative thoughts in text. As for the behavior property, it also presented that high quality sketches with text description sketched slower in creative points. All these results indicated text preference as a description form for high quality student groups.