Teaching and Learning Experience Using Digital Sketching

Hoda Eiliat1 and Daniela Pusca2
1University of Windsor -Phd Student, 2University of Windsor - Learning Specialist


Title:Teaching and Learning Experience Using Digital Sketching Potential Session:Trends in Engineering Education

Technology and its fast pace growth is changing our day to day life in so many levels. It is essential to expand teaching and learning experience using technological tools. Teaching and learning field is longing for new approaches to employ technology in active learning. This research is focused on studying the outcome of replacing paper and pencil with computer tablets and stylus, to bridge the gap between traditional and digital media methods. Environment of this research is an engineering design course with hand sketching as an essential part of the syllabus. The paper presents a methodology on how to use the tablet computers to deliver course material related to the dynamic of the drafting process, along with a comparison analysis on results of students ‘surveys before and after their experience with computer tablets in class. Ease of use and effectiveness of this approach in solving design problems, is also discussed.