Instrumentation Laboratory at a Foreign Study Center with Concurrent Instruction

Erik Bardy and Mark Reuber
Grove City College


In 2006, Grove City College (GCC) launched an International Study Center (ISC) in Nantes, France, that utilizes concurrent instruction as well as French University Partnership to allow mechanical engineering and liberal arts students to study abroad on a partial immersion semester program. The focus of this paper is to present the logistical layout of a junior based instrumentation laboratory course that is taught both at the US main campus and at the ISC. The course is team taught by one faculty member state side and the other at the ISC. Students perform experiments that were shipped to the ISC and set-up to mimic experiments given at the main campus. GCC online course management and VPN (virtual private network) course folders are used to manage student assignments and quizzes. Lectures are given via recorded video lecture through the online course folder and experiments are monitored by an on-site faculty member at the ISC.