Engineering Analysis for Educational Concepts’ Assessment

Riadh Besbes1,  Rached Tourki2,  Philippe Gorce1
1University of Toulon-Var, 2University of Monastir


The teachers use of simulation in plenary sessions or workshops succeeded to gather active participation from engineering low classes and their teachers who are teaching scientific disciplines. They experienced the application of engineering, science, and mathematics concepts by sharing a simulation of real-world projects construction in order to assess the modalities of their involvement as powerful educational tools to enhance students’ motivation to sciences in classes. To illustrate how simulation activities were a solution to enhance educational level of students, many simulated sessions were held by groups of 4 or 5 participants about electronics, waves, oscillations ... Accordingly, training of teachers was designed under conditions that do converge with teachers’ self-concept and cultural significance. Groups are chosen to adapt to the differences of teachers, especially that each comes with their own experiences, which makes heterogeneous groups requiring customization of instructional strategies in order to promote training and exchange activities. Different levels were seen of teachers’ motivation towards simulation to exploit. The technology sciences teachers were the most efficient among the educational use of simulations, especially, electronics simulation. Participants were demonstrated a high level of engineering analysis which allows them to give the best solutions. The whole group took over the activity with enthusiasm and has successfully completed. Teachers felt clearly that simulation activities are very well suited to stimulate a constructive interaction between them and their students in classrooms. That kind of interaction promotes substantive engagement. Indeed, that engagement is dependent of learners’ interest level in what is being taught, and undoubtedly teachers tasted, that day, the flavor of completion within simulated phenomenon in lessons achievements.