Honors Undergraduate Research Course, a Prime Assessment and a Proposal for a Link with Capstone Design Experience

Amar Khoukhi
Department of Systems Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 31261, Phone: + 966 3-860-7614, Fax: + 966 3 860 2965


This paper reports on a newly structured honours undergraduate research course (HURC) and its extension to senior capstone design experience. First, we introduce briefly the course design, and implementation. Then we follow up with student learning outcomes assessment from two cohort offerings. Considering student and faculty participators feedback, an extension was thought to senior capstone design experience based on the undergraduate research course. Typical benefits are highlighted. The results are provided for the two cohort offerings. It was noticed that the students already gone through the process achieved significant performance. Two students are currently running the experience. A comparison is being performed between two groups of students; those who did their capstone design project as a continuation of the HURC Course and a second whom did not take the HURC course prior to their capstone design experience. Preliminary comparisons show the significant high impact for the students who had taken the course in better performing at the senior capstone design experience.