A Laboratory on the Configuration of Electric Power Substation Monitoring and Control Based on the SEL751A Relay and an Induction Motor Drive for a Three Phase Power Supply

Ishwar Singh1 and Tom Wanyama2
1Mohawk College, 2McMaster University


In this paper we present an innovative way of setting up a laboratory for configuring IEC61850 compliant relays, without access to a three phase power supply. Moreover, the laboratory does not require the use of CTs nor VTs, and clearly explains to students the rationale for excluding these devices. The laboratory gives students hands-on experience in setting a real life IEC61850 compliant relay. It also enables them to comprehend the steps taken to setup communication between PCs and relays, as well as the configuration required in order to obtain correct data from the relays. Finally, the laboratory demonstrates to students the principle of accessing data from registers of automation devices for other purposes of the automation system.

In the future, our work is in three fold. Firstly, we would like to setup multiple SEL751 relays and have them send and respond to different types of IEC61850 messages. Secondly, we would like to have students to try out our laboratory and get feedback from them on the learning outcomes of the laboratory and on how to improve the laboratory. Thirdly, we would like to use OLE for Process Control (OPC) technology to interconnect the IEC61850 network with other industrial (legacy) networks such as DeviceNet and Profibus.